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I had the pleasure of buying my first home with the assistance of Lynette Roets. I was not in the market to really buy, as I was not sure I could afford it. After querying the price on a house, Lynette was patient enough to assist me with ensuring I am able to buy my first home. How did she do this? Well she went out of her way to explain all my answers and concerns, she advised me with what I could afford and ensured I did not put myself into a financial situation which I could not afford. Lynette also advised me not to buy the first home I see and to look around as I am buying my forever home. (To be happy with the choice I make) Lynette would respond to me after working hours if I had questions or needed some advice, she gave me her professional and personal opinion, which I appreciated, it was not just about the sale, but ensuring her customer would be satisfied after all is done and dusted. Lynette put me into touch with the banks and Ooba who all assisted with the final figures of my bond repayment and Lynette also gave me advice on what to ask the banks to benefit from the deal. Buying a house was and is very stressful, however when you have people like Lynette assisting you, it makes it a lot easier. It was a pleasant experience knowing that I am a name to Lynette and Golden Homes and not just a number with a quick sale of a home. I have honestly been blessed to have been able to deal with Lynette, I asked a lot of questions and raised a lot of concerns which Lynette was always willing to assist with. Buying a house is not just buying a house, it is buying a house to turn into a home, where you start a new chapter of building a family and growing as an individual. Thank you, Lynette and Golden Homes, for ensuring I could buy my first house and start my own new chapter.
by Bobo-Michael Mannesburger
I would like to thank Karen Webber from Golden Homes for being there for me every step of the way. She was a shoulder to cry on when things got real for me in the fact that I had actually sold my house. I had been living in for 29 years with a lot of memories. It was a quick and efficient sale, she talked me through everything I was concerned about a couple of times. I was asking the same question over and over again, yet she never got upset with me even when I would message her late at night. She also found a buyer very quickly for me, I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to sell their home. Karen, thank you for being so kind and gentle in this hard time for me. This Lockdown was not easy for either of us, but you ware there for me at all times. thank you”
by Marjorie Beenhakker
We want to take this opportunity to thank you (Karen Webber) and Golden Homes in assisting us to purchase our own property! We love this area and we thank you for all the advice and help you gave us. We thank you for also explaining all the procedures to us and because of you all went well! If it were not for you, we would not be where we are… Thank you for assisting as afterwards too in changing names at the municipality and introducing us to the community. We will definitely contact you again when purchasing our second property probably next year! We are very happy. Be blessed”
by Memory

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