6. Training and Support

At SAGH we place extreme importance on the training of our agents. A well-trained sales team can lead to huge returns for a company and offers great opportunities for its agents. Real Estate is a highly competitive industry and having the edge over one’s competition is useful.

According to a study cited on the Salesforce Training website, the calibre of a salesperson is the most important factor influencing a prospect’s decision to buy. Our management system is designed as a full CRM (Customer Relationship Management), giving us a management advantage.

Sales training enhances the person-to-person experience which is necessary to gain the loyalty of consumers. Studies have shown that 71% of people base their buying decisions on trust and credibility. This is especially true in real estate. When agents thoroughly understand the needs of their sellers and buyers and are able to communicate effectively while delivering trustworthy service, then their real estate sales will grow.

Our aim is to provide sales training courses that will enable our agents to build pleasure into their interactions with clients so that the sale and purchase of a new home is a win-win, allowing each person to walk away feeling understood.

Our agents’ communication skills are essential because they need to ensure that their clients understand the services they offer. Effective communication skills successfully connect our buyers and sellers and simply the transfer and registration process all the way through to key handover.

Our agents are the “face” of our company and as such, it is our aim to continually educate them in the skills that they need. To do this, it is often necessary to push them out of their comfort zones so that we, as a Company, can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Other than communication and marketing skills, SAGH offers its Franchisees and agents extensive training via the HUB to familiarise them with the Business System. Training is available for free to each new franchisee and their agents.

We also offer an extensive Agents Training Manual covering all the related information estate agents require to develop their product knowledge.

All the information in the Training Manual is on the HUB blog page and is available to the agents on-demand as they go about their daily business.

The Franchisee is encouraged to add any additional information they have at their disposal that they feel would be a benefit to the training manual. Such information should be forwarded to the Franchisor for processing.

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