I4. The Property

It is essential, likewise, to describe the property sold correctly. Negligence here can lead you to sell the next-door neighbour’s property, a non-existent property, a portion of a whole erf, or only a part share in a property. Once again, the deeds access system is a crucial source of information to establish the actual property being sold. In the case of Sectional Title flats, it is especially important as the flat numbers often do not correspond with the actual Unit numbers on the Sectional Plan. Once again you can end up selling a neighbour’s flat if you confuse the flat number and the Unit number on your contract.

It is not essential to state the actual Erf number on a contract or the Township it belongs to but, in the interests of professional selling, this should be done. A correctly-stated street address is sufficient or, in fact, any other means of actually identifying the property. If you are selling a portion of an erf still to be subdivided it is not necessary to attach an actual diagram surveyed by a land surveyor. A sketch plan clearly demarcating the property, stating the exact distance between boundary points and the full extent of the portion, will be sufficient but nothing less will suffice to make the sale valid.

However, for the purposes of transferring property, the full Erf description and the Township are essential. It is also an essential requirement for the listing of properties on the SAGH Hub and for sale purposes. It is a requirement in all Golden Homes mandates and sale agreements.

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