Offer to Purchase

D6. Sales – Offer to Purchase

Note: all Offers to Purchase are to be ‘managed’ as per our internal procedures The agent is at all times to ensure that the offer taken is a ‘bona fid’ offer i.e. that the parties purchasing the property are able to do so. No offer may exceed a 30-day period for a bond grant for employed persons or 45 days for self-employed. At no stage may the agent extend this period at their own...

J. How to Complete an Offer to Purchase

For an offer to purchase (OTP) concerning the sale of immovable property to be legally valid it has to contain, at minimum, the following: Must be in writing The identity of the parties to the contract The description of the property being sold The purchase price Must be signed by the parties. No additional clauses need to be recorded in the written document for it to constitute a valid...

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