mora interest

K. Special Clauses

Suspensive Conditions Estates: Master’s Consent This sale is subject to the consent of the Master of the High Court in terms of Section 42(1) of the Administration of Estates Act No. 66 of 1965. This clause must be inserted whenever a property is sold out of a deceased estate and the Executor signs on behalf of the estate. The consent will be a formality unless there is some special reason...

L20. Mora (Morae) Interest

Damages that flow from the failure to make payment timeously have recently been the subject of debates in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). As a result, a number of principles emanating from a creditor’s right to claim interest have been formulated in a number of reported cases. Certain of the principles include the following: If a debtor is late with payment of a money obligation under a...

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