48. Storing Goods

Boards and stickers use ink and vinyl and we recommend that you check the following to help preserve them while in storage.

  • Store in a cool dry place and avoid sunlight.
  • Avoid water contact – any water contact, including humidity, will cause damage to the product. Paint on the boards can fade and flake off; stickers become warped and difficult to use.
  • Avoid surface pressure – do not store on top of one another and do not stack other goods on top of your boards and/or stickers.
  • Store boards and stickers on their sides to avoid pressure damage.
  • Stock invoicing.
  • All stock items supplied and delivered to you on or before the 25th of each and every month will be billed on your monthly invoice and payable together with any other charges, costs, and fees applicable.
  • Stock will be billed at the price displayed on the portal at the time of the order.

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