G4. OTP Management

In summary

  • Pre-qualify buyer to ensure a bona fid offer.
  • Complete the offer with the purchaser.
  • Compare offers with seller needs i.e. price, occupation, etc.
  • List benefits of offer and plan how to address any objections.
  • List recent market activity – what’s new on the market, what has sold, what has not sold etc.
  • Schedule an appointment with the seller to present.
  • Negotiate offer (seller will either reject, counteroffer, or accept).
  • Work out seller estimated costs.
  • Get disclosure on all property defects.
  • On acceptance, assist buyer with the bond application.
  • Collate all FICA documents.
  • Instruct attorneys and give the seller a copy of the offer.
  • Update seller through the entire transfer process.
  • Assist in key handover on registration.
  • Add to client base and schedule for future contact.

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