36. Other Organisations

Other organisations that the franchisee and its agents may become members of are:

1. REBOSA – Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa

Rebosa primarily looks after the interests of Real Estate Business Owners/Principals.

2. IEASA – Institute of Estate Agents South Africa

The institute primarily looks after the interests of estate agents (employees), even though principals can also join.

The need for two bodies is in alignment with the expectations of Services SETA, the EAAB and the Department of Human Settlements.

Membership is voluntary. For more information visit their websites:

  1. rebosa.co.za
  2. ieasa.co.za 

More information regarding the above is found in the Training Manual. Franchisees are expected to adhere to the full extent of each Act and acknowledge that the above is only a guideline. The Acts have been incorporated in the manual for compliance purposes.

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