F7. Multi Listing Mandate

  1. Multi-listing mandate


  • Maximum exposure to the market channelled through one agency.
  • Agents work together to the benefit of the Seller.
  • Open hour exposes the property to the rest of the agents in one simple step.
  • An open hour gives the Seller multiple valuations to establish an unbiased fair market value of the property.
  • Possible reduction of market time.
  • Agents usually have an existing buyer base.


  • The same buyer viewing the property through two different agents results in cancellations or
  • The potential double commission claims.
  • Disputes between agencies and agents.
  • Price cutting to get the quickest deal.
  • Unqualified and inexperienced agents have access to the property.
  • Agents frequently have their buyer’s interests at heart and not the sellers.
  • Lesser commission earning leaves agents less motivated to find the best deal for the seller.

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