Q4. Mandate Management

The following table will assist you in planning a successful management system and follow-up sessions with your seller.

As an agent, you are responsible to update the HUB with all your interaction and management with your listings.

9 Week Marketing Procedure
Agent Property
Week Day By Whom Action CHECK
Week 0 and 1 Agent Co-Write copy. Client input. Amenities, Schools, features and more
Agent Email seller’s copy to sign off
Agent Arrange/take photos and video (optional)
Agent Load onto website
Agent Send a thank-you note to the seller
Agent Post to Facebook Photo Carousel with Copy
Agent/Manager Boost on Facebook
Agent On market drops x 10 – 15
Agent Board on Property
Agent Upload Mandate and FICA docs to Hub
Agent Upload listing sheet to Hub
Agent Email listing to seller
Agent Open WhatsApp Group with seller
Week 2 Monday Agent/Admin If the mandate is open email agents
Tuesday Agent Arrange Show House
Agent Place on Show on GH website
Agent Instagram Post GH website link
Wednesday Agent Email possible buyers
Agent Showhouse Drops x 10-15
Thursday Agent Update Seller – give feedback
Agent/Admin Open hour for GH agents
Friday Agent Review photos and advert
Agent Seller feedback
Agent Update notes on HUB
Agent On Show Event on Facebook with photos
Agent/Manager Boost On Show event with Manager
Saturday Agent Boards On Show 12h00
Sunday Agent On Show. On show register. SMS to buyers after
Week 3 Monday Agent Follow up Show House buyers email more info
Agent Update Seller
Agent Showhouse clients captured on Hub
Agent Show House success report to the seller
Tuesday Agent Check agent zone stats if on P24
Agent Facebook stats check
Agent/Manager Motivate featured listing
Wednesday Agent Get comments from agents and inform Seller
Agent Agents feedback captured on HUB
Thursday Agent Share GH website link on Facebook
Agent Share on Community Facebook Pages
Agent Update follow up note on HUB
Friday and Weekend Agent Viewings
Week 4 Monday Agent Check Agent Zone Stats
Agent Check Facebook Stats
Agent Email stats to seller
Tuesday Agent
Wednesday Agent List to Facebook Marketplace
Thursday Agent Seller Feedback and price counsel
Agent Update follow up note on HUB
Friday Agent Viewings etc
Week 5 Monday – Friday Agent Reduce Price with seller input
Agent Reload on HUB
Agent Review all stats
Agent Remove off Facebook
Agent New Facebook Slideshow
Week 6 and 7 Monday – Friday Agent Arrange new show house
Agent Show House drop
Agent Change photos all websites order
Agent Do new Facebook post
Agent Show House Event on Facebook
Agent Normal Show House procedure as Week 2
Agent/Manager Boost On Show event with Manager
Agent Update follow up note on HUB
Agent Review all stats
Agent Redo action of week 2 and Week 3
Week 8 Monday – Friday Agent/Admin Request featured listing
Agent/Team Remind the team of the listing
Agent Prepare for a new mandate
Agent Take new photos
Agent Update follow up note on HUB

Annexure 65 – Mandate Management Plan

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