40. Full Time Agents and Independent Contractors

An agent employed as an employee is subject to all the terms and conditions you would have with your internal staff, with some changes where working hours and remuneration are concerned.

For an independent contractor, you cannot dictate work hours, leave, etc. However, the administration and compliance requirements of the Company are part of their conditions of service.

The following contracts are given as guidelines.

  • GH Employee Information Form.
  • Commission policy.
  • Job description.
  • Employment Agreement agent/internal staff.
  • Service agreement agent.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • IT Policy.
  1. Agent Masterfile Information Form

Form accounting and human resources administration each employee/independent contractor should fill in and complete this form. You can upload the documents and complete their personal information on the Hub for easy access as well as legal compliances.

  1. Commission Policy Example

The commission policy is drafted as a template which you are free to use or amend as per your employment agreement with each individual staff member.

Each Franchisee has the freedom to incentivise their agents’ commission structure. Below is a chart that can be used as a point of reference when commissions are below your commission threshold.

  1. Job Description (agents only)

The job description is drafted as a template which you are free to use or amend as per your employment agreement with each individual staff member. This document is further discussed in Section 7 of this manual.

  1. Employment Contracts and Service Agreement

The Employment Contracts included in this manual have been drafted as templates for you to use and amend according to your personal employment terms and conditions. We advise that you consult with your own bookkeeper and auditor with regards to any changes you wish to make.

  1. Code of Ethics and Business Practices

The Code of Ethics and Business Practices may not be altered in any way whatsoever and forms part of the Franchisor’s Intellectual Information. Every employee, regardless of their designation, is required to sign the Code of Ethics and Business Practices. This document is to be uploaded to the employee’s folder which must be created in the SAGH Hub together with their personal information.

  1. Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is a necessary tool for all business owners, and we recommend that you implement it with your staff. There are clauses in the handbook which may not be relevant to your business and we recommend that you change them as necessary or delete them entirely.

  1. Information Technology (“IT”) Policy

This policy document must be made available to all staff and should be included in their “welcome” package together with a copy of their employment/service contracts, job description, commission policy, etc.


Annexure 2 – Code of Ethics and Business Practices  

Annexure 35 – GH Employee Info Form

Annexure 36 – Employment Contract – agent or internal staff

Annexure 37 – Employee handbook

Annexure 33 – Agent Service Agreement – Independent Contractors amended

Annexure 31 – JOB DESCRIPTION – Example

Annexure 30 – COMMISSION POLICY – Example

Annexure 41 – SAGH IT Policy


Annexure 32 – Commission Payment Calculator      

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