11. Franchisee’s Obligations

The Franchisee’s obligations are as follows:

  1. To adhere to the Franchisor’s Business System as outlined in the Franchise Agreement and the SAGH Administration and Compliance.
  2. Not to disclose the Intellectual Property of the Franchisor to third parties outside of the SA Golden Homes Property Group (Pty) Ltd.
  3. To conform to, and operate within, the branding of the company.
  4. To keep themselves in the knowledge of the Franchisor’s Business System and to further educate themselves and their staff as and when the Franchisor introduces updates to enhance its operating system.
  5. To abide by the Franchisor’s Code of Ethics and Business Practices.
  6. To manage their staff according to the terms and conditions laid out in the laws and regulations of South Africa.
  7. To take personal responsibility for the training and education of their agents as per the industry standards, ethics, and conduct.

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