14. Franchisee Payments

The Franchisee will be liable for the following ongoing expenses, excluding any suppliers they engage outside of the Franchisor’s business. All amounts are excluding VAT.

An annual increase in relation to inflation is applicable, however, the Franchisor retains the right to increase these fees should their supplier costs increase substantially. The Franchisor reserves the right to increase or decrease or leave the fees as they are at its sole discretion.

Accounts are payable on or before the first day of each and every month. Non-payment of the account will result in the suspension of the use of the HUB by the Franchisee and its agents if the account is not settled within the notice period given as per the CPA 21-days notice requirements.

Description Amount Explanation
Franchise Purchase Fee. R50 000.00 This is a once-off fee payable to the Franchisor for the business system and the right to trade with the name Golden Homes as defined in the Franchise Agreement.
Administration Fee R 3 000.00 This monthly fee includes the following:

  •  Use of the business CRM and its functions.
  • The Website.
  • P24 leads up to 300.
  • P24 Branded listings.
  • Emails and email backup.
  • General support.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Training manual.
  • Logbook and RPL.
  • Functions.
  • Design layouts.
  • Other fees associated with the CRM payable by the Franchisor,
  • Marketing of the SA Golden Homes Group, which is done at the sole discretion of the Franchisor. (This does not include the franchisee’s advertising costs related to its own business).
  • An annual increase of 10% per annum, or as per the Franchisor’s sole discretion.
Franchise (Royalty) Fees. 0.22% on the purchase price of a property sold. (Excluding VAT) This is further broken down in the Franchise Agreement. Fees are payable by the transferring attorney upon registration.
Stock, delivery, and postage This is determined by any orders placed by the Franchisee and which have been delivered.

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