26. Email Security


All email correspondence must be sent and received through the company’s email system, which contains the information and disclaimers that the company requires on all emails and telefaxes.

The company shall not be held liable if you store or use confidential information such as passwords and credit card information on the company email and computer systems which results in you suffering loss for any reason whatsoever.

Email use, and indeed the use of all company resources, is restricted to work-related issues and may not be used in the commission of any unlawful activity whatsoever, whether of a civil or criminal nature or in any way calculated to overburden the resources of the company.

Any resource owned or licensed by the company may not be copied, emailed, or removed without prior written agreement.

All emails have security encryptions and should not be changed to a format that is not compliant with the Company’s email setup process.


All emails are to be used in conjunction with a signature together with our disclaimer, your privy seal, and FFC, which are embedded in the email signature.

There is a standard choice of email signature for use and no signatures outside of the design and approval of the Company may be used.

For any help and assistance in email setup and signature design, contact support@goldenhomes.co.za.

Signature maintenance

On a yearly basis, each agent is required to update their signature with their latest FFC. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the email sign attached in Microsoft word.
  2. Edit document (enable editing).
  • Right-click where it says EAAB registered agent. then choose or click edit hyperlink/ Hyperlink if no hyperlink was added.
  1. On your keyboard press, the button Ctrl then letter A (this will highlight all words for the previous link used) then press delete or space bar to remove all link info.
  2. Then paste your link for FFC then click okay.
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