51. Email Policy

All new employee/agent emails are generated through support@goldenhomes.co.za upon request of the Franchisee. All such requests will be processed within 24 hours of the request being sent, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Upon request, an email setup will be sent to the Franchisee or its nominated agent together with setup instructions. Emails are to be set up as per instruction and no changes may be made to the setup formula, as the emails fall within the scope and security requirements of the SAGH organisation. Any changes will be considered a material breach of trust, whether it be the Franchisee itself or any person within its employ.

An email signature will also be provided. Such signature may not be changed unless agreed to by Head Office as the email signature forms part of its branding. All Franchisees, employees, and agents are to use a SAGH signature with their emails. This maintains the professional image and branding of the Company.

No franchises, employee, or agent may use their @goldenhomes.co.za for personal use. Neither may any personal email addresses be used for business purposes. Should any franchisee, employee, or agent use their email for personal use they acknowledge that such emails become the property of SAGH and are no longer considered personal and may be used in any legal proceedings, should any occur.

For further information please refer to the employee handbook and/or the Company’s Information Technology (“IT”) Policy Document.

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