7. EAAB (Estate Agency Affairs Board)

The EAAB gives a prospective franchisee/agent 90 days in which to complete their registration with them. It is essential to follow their procedures exactly and to have all relevant documentation in place BEFORE attempting to do the registration.

The following documentation is required to register the Company, known as the Firm by the EAAB:

  • Certified copies of all directors’/Principals’ ID.
  • Copy of Company Registration documents.
  • Letter from Franchisor confirming the Franchise is valid.
  • Auditor’s letter confirming they have been appointed as the Firm’s auditor.
  • A bank confirmation letter that a trust account has been opened.

Note: The bank confirmation letter MUST stipulate that the account has been opened “in terms of section 32(1) of Act No 112 of 1976.”

The agency Registration process with the EAAB:

  • Log into the My EAAB Agents Portal at https://www.eaab.org.za/myffc. You should already be registered with the EAAB as an agent and have your own EAAB Pin. No one can register as a Principal without first having been an agent and having completed the relevant EAAB training and PDE qualifications.
  • Once logged in, go to the “reserve new agency name” link found in the YOUR AGENCY block in the column on the right-hand side.
  • In 48 hours log in and check whether your name has been approved through the “view your reserved agency name” link. Once approved, proceed. If not, contact the EAAB and find out why it has not been approved.
  • Proceed to the “register a new agency” link.
  • Once successful, the EAAB will send you an email with your Firm ID. This pin number will begin with an “F.”
  • You will receive an additional email requesting you to upload your documentation and the payment details.
  • Make payment as soon as you have uploaded your documents and completed the process. NB: Use your new “F” pin number as your payment reference! If you use any other reference the payment will not be linked to your profile and your application will not proceed any further.
  • Email all your documentation, proof of payment and registration, to applications@eaab.org.za and request both a delivery and read receipt for the email.

Your application will be processed by the EAAB.

  • On successful allocation of the payment, your FFC will be issued and an email notification will be sent to you.
  • Log into My EAAB agents’ portal using your pin number and go to the “view firm history” link.
  • Download and print FFC.

Once you have downloaded the Firm FFC it needs to be printed and displayed for public view in your office, together with your personal FFC as well as those of any agents registered with you.

Finally, the FFC certificates need to be uploaded to the HUB.

Annexure 8 – How to reserve an estate agency name

Annexure 9 – How to register an estate agency entity

Annexure 10 – How to register an Estate Agents


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