N3. Deed’s Office Procedure

DAY 1: Lodgment counter

Documents lodged by all Attorneys. Documents (individually) captured on the system.

DAY 2-3: Data and Sorters

Documents are linked and then batches are captured on the system.

Printouts of both property and persons involved are made available for examiners.

DAY 4: Examiners (Deed Controllers)

Deeds are examined by First Examiner (Junior). Deeds are endorsed and remarks are stated.

No Rejections.

DAY 5: Sorters

Documents are received back from First Examiner (Junior) and re-issued to Second Examiner (Senior).

DAY 6: Examiners (Deed Controllers)

Deeds are examined by Second Examiner (Senior). Deeds are either passed or rejected.

DAY 7: Sorters

Documents are received back from Second Examiner (Senior) and re-issued to Assistant Registrar (Monitor Phase).

DAY 8: Examiners (Deed Controllers)

If Monitor finds any matter (issue) passed by Second Examiner (Senior), which should have been rejected, then Assistant Registrar (Monitor Phase) may also reject the deeds.

DAY 9: Preparation Phase

Deeds received back from Assistant Registrar (Monitor Phase) are split and issued to each Attorney to remove Notes from Examination. Once Notes are removed deeds are issued to registration.

DAY 10 – 14: Registration Phase

Deeds ready for registration are received in this Phase where they may stand over for 4 days. If not registered by the 4th day the deeds are automatically rejected.


  • Transfer, new bond and bond cancellation registered simultaneously.
  • The financial institution pays out guarantees the day after registration.
  • Sale proceeds distributed.

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