43. Business Premises

One of the most essential aspects of the Golden Homes organisation is that of its branding. An established brand identity is important for becoming a recognisable, unique and engaging business to all our current and future clients.

Modern offices are very different from what they were a decade or so ago and there have been changes in many attitudes and business practices. In keeping with the Golden Homes vision of maintaining a “local” rather than a “corporate” real estate business, we have opted to allow our franchisees to determine whether they would like to operate their business from home or from a business premise. Being a real estate organisation, we desire to see a warm and comforting, “homely” feel to the business operation.

Consideration has also been made for the fact that the majority of smaller businesses have fewer resources available and cannot afford to implement high start-up branding costs. Our vision is to empower small to medium businesses and assist them in becoming successful real estate enterprises. However, building brand awareness and showcasing our vision and values is still of top priority.

The workspace and office space of our franchisees say a lot about our organisation, who and what we are, and what we stand for, and it gives our clients a better picture of our quality as a whole structured organisation. It is more than just putting the company name and logo on the walls but reflects the character and personality of our brand throughout our whole workplace.

The office design should make people feel comfortable, amused, and vibrant. The interior design of the home or business office should have a well thought out interior office design that improves the workforce morale and greater job satisfaction. When an office is neat, clean, bright, and comfortable, the Golden Homes values, goals, vision, and mission are easily and clearly communicated.

The following rules and regulations are applicable to the Golden Homes office branding:

While we do not force a specific ‘branding’ design and structure on our franchisee’s office design, basic rules and regulations are applicable.

  1. A home office needs to be a separate room and should not form part of the “home environment.”
  2. The office must be able to accommodate all the necessary equipment and furniture required to run an office, i.e., telephones, computers, printers, faxes, filing cabinets, office furniture.
  • The office needs to have its own bathroom facility.
  1. The office must be easily accessible to staff members and clients.
  2. The Golden Homes vision and values, featuring the logo, need to be displayed in the office/reception.
  3. Interior and exterior paint can be a variety of whites to autumn colours, yellow, black, or red, in keeping with the Golden Homes brand colours.
  • It is not permissible to display the branding or marketing materials of competitors and/or other companies.
  • The office/s need to be kept neat, clean, and tidy.
  1. If there is a garden, the garden should be well maintained and inviting.
  2. Billboards and flags need to be kept clean and in good condition. They should also be approved by the head office before being displayed.

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