24. Agent Training

The Franchisee is responsible for the education and training of its agents and may not place this responsibility upon the Franchisor.

The Training Manual is an ongoing resource page designed to assist the Franchisee in the training of their agents. The agents have access to the information which has been designed as a blog page for ease of reference and on-the-go information as they can access the blog on their laptops as well as their phones.

Principals and agents are responsible for their further education and compliance; however, the Franchisor will continually update the HUB with any new information relating to the industry and its legal requirements.

The Logbook and RPL pages are provided to assist the agent and the principal in regard to the EAAB qualifications and should not be relied upon as a completed product. It is merely a guide instructing what a completed logbook and RPL course should look like. These sections will only be opened up to an agent once permission has been requested from the principal. These requests can be emailed to support@goldenhomes.co.za.

Rental and commercial and industrial training notes have been included in the training manual on a very basic level as neither falls within the structure of the franchise organisation until these departments have been finalised and incorporated into the system. Should an agent want to develop their skills as a rental or commercial agent, the Franchisee will be responsible to assist their agent in this regard.

Rentals are permissible within the Franchisee’s zone only. All rentals sourced outside of their franchise zone are subject to the approval of the Franchisor or the Franchisee in whose zone the rental listing falls. SAGH does not supply advertising of rental listings on the P24 website. All rental listings on the Golden Homes website are included in the monthly fee but are included in the 300 listings allocated to each franchisee.

Should a franchisee wish to do advertise rentals on P24 they will need to sign a separate agreement with P24 for this service.

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