T6. Additional OTP exercises

Scenario 1

Lynette Roets and Markus Lizemore are making an offer on Erf 333 Homestead from Karen Webber. The street address is 19 Sherwood Avenue which is in Germiston. They are purchasing the property for R1 000 000.00 (One million). They have no deposit and are dependent upon obtaining a 100 % bond.

Scenario 2

Alan Bixby is purchasing 28 Stellendal Road, situated in Audas Estate in Somerset West. He has made an offer to Gilbert Zulu for R1 000 000.00 (one million). He has a cash deposit of R100 000.00 (one hundred thousand) available in his bank account. He needs to obtain a bond for the balance.

Scenario 3

Mrs Susan Boyle wants to make an offer on unit 16 Villa Lisa in Dawn Park to Santa Janse van Rensburg and Braam Janse van Rensburg, her son. The street address in 1 Clean Avenue. The purchase price is    R1 500 000.00. The purchaser has a deposit of R 200 000.00 coming from the proceeds from the sale of her house. A bond will be required for the balance.

Scenario 4

Jack and Jill Malinowski have made an offer to Philip Swanepoel, for R1 200 000.00. Jack has the funds available in his savings account, but Jill is unemployed. They made the offer on a house in Helderview being Section 34 Cynaroides, Cynaroides Street in the City of Cape Town. They are making the offer in the name of their company, Birds of a Feather (Pty) Ltd.

Scenario 5

Piet van Vrou wants to purchase 15 Wattle Road in Primrose, Germiston from the insolvent estate of Hein Bredenkamp. He has made an offer for R1 000 000.00 but the Seller is not wanting to accept his offer. He has R150 000 available in cash which is in a 30-day call account. The balance will come from the proceeds of his house which has not yet been sold. Judy and Franco van Schalkwyk have accepted his offer.

Scenario 6

Edna Sison and Bill Sison are purchasing 5 Villa Bianca, 13 Sane Crescent, Edenvale from KC Estates cc represented by Corina Reuselaars. They have made an offer for R950 000.00. They have R50 000 available in their cheque account, R300 000.00 coming from a bond and the balance is sitting in a 45-day investment account with Nedbank.

Scenario 7

Monte Jordaan is married out of community of property to Cathy Jordaan, however, he does not want to include Cathy in this purchase. He is making an offer on 28 Acacia Road, which is in the Strand in Cape Town. He wants to offer R2 500 000.00, has R600 000.00 cash available in 60 days and needs to obtain a bond for the balance. The property belongs to Windmeul Ltd who will be represented by Antonette de Jager.

Scenario 8

Mark and Veronica van Zyl are getting divorced and are selling their home in Boksburg. Their address is 14 Canon Crescent, Boksburg North. They have an offer for R1 250 000.00 from Dave and Yvonne van Wyk who are purchasing via a 100% bond. The proceeds of the sale need to be split between Mr & Mrs van Zyl.

Scenario 9

Marichris and Brenton Bell are ringing the bell for the acceptance of their offer to Innocent Ndlovu for 23 First Avenue, Sunward Park, Boksburg. They made a low offer that they did not expect to be accepted. Their offer was for R1 000 000.00 which they want to pay for it in full from the proceeds of the sale of their home which has already been registered.

Scenario 10

Munashe Matopodzi wants to make an offer on 41 Middleton Road, Heidelberg, which is in Heidelberg in the Western Cape. He is making an offer for R1 400 000.00 which will come from the proceeds of his house which has already been sold and is in the process of being transferred.

Scenario 11

The partnership of Navara Pabst and Linda Boyd trading as The Golden Girls has made an offer to the Estate Late JS Beukes and ET Beukes whose estate is being handled by Julie Senekal from Absa Trust. The offer is for R1 300 000.00 with an R300 000.00 cash deposit and the balance coming from a bond. Navara is married in the community of property to Nikki and Linda is married out of community of property to Hennie.

Scenario 12

Brendon McMurray is in the process of getting divorced from Abigail. He is married in community of property but does not want to include Abigail in the sale. Bobby Lungu has made an offer for two million which Brendon has accepted. The property is located at 4 Ibis Rock, Dormel Street, Midrand. Bobby’s money is sitting in a call account and he needs to give the bank 32 days’ notice to release the funds. They want this deal to register as quick as possible as Brendon wants to buy another property without Abigail. Are there any possible problems with this deal?

Scenario 13

Alice and Tsepo Kunene have a tribal marriage. They are looking to purchase 15 Lucy Street in Rustivia, Germiston, from Jonathan Mavunda who has a COP marriage to Julia. The offer is for R1 000 000.00 and the purchasers need to obtain a 100% bond from the bank.

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